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EA Sports is one of the most popular companies in the scene of computer games that boasts of offering games like the ever-popular FIFA, UFC and Madden. The company has been giving players an awesome online and offline experience, which allows them to choose various games. EA Sports also allows one to enjoy other services like connecting with friends and chatting online especially when playing different games. There is a developed platform that offers many tools that gamers need and this robustness came with various challenges.

Get connected through to the main EA Sports contact number now and speak to a member of their customer service team by using our connection service.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call EA Sports directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services020 3318 1111
FIFA 17 contact number020 3318 1111
Origin020 3318 1111
Electronic Arts020 3318 1111
EA cancellations 020 3318 1111
EA Sports claims020 3318 1111
EA Access020 3318 1111
Battlefield020 3318 1111
The Sims020 3318 1111
Battlefront020 3318 1111
EA complaints020 3318 1111
Technical Support020 3318 1111

First, due to the size of the system and the number of calls made to the database, there were massive overload problems that often caused loss of data stored during a game. To get the assistance needed to solve these problems, players have to contact the company. Making calls is the most reliable way to get assistance as one is connected directly to the technical team that deals with such technical failures. Second, the company offers different types of software and the process of getting all information about these games is not easy unless one gets in touch through EA Sports contact number. There are many reasons one would need to call EA sports and some of them have been discussed below.

Buying a service from EA Sports UK
If you want to purchase a game or service from EA Sports, then the best way to reach the company for inquiries is through calls. The EA Sports customer services team is always prepared to handle all the inquiries presented and they offer all the information you may need to know before paying for a service or game. You are able to also ask questions and get clarifications about issues you could have noted on review sites. This is a great move that allows you to plan your expenditure on the software you need and the games that you love most.

Submitting complaints through EA Sports phone number
Owing to the fact EA Sports offers a wide variety of games, there are bound to be challenges ranging from bugs to user familiarity with new tools. All these challenges trigger users of the platform to contact the company looking for the needed support to solve their challenges. EA Sports, through an in-house team of trained professionals, receives all the calls made by users then delivers the needed support to help users maximize their time playing the various games available.

There are different types of complaints that are presented to the company more often. One of the complaints that are often submitted is breaches in the system, which leads to the loss of data. Others submit their dissatisfaction in the way some tools are configured and more specifically the failure of the system when it comes to addressing their needs. All the complaints received are forwarded to the technical team, which in turn comes in to salvage the situation by correcting any errors that could be choking the system.

However, once you call EA Sports, don’t expect an immediate response from the company. It can take several minutes before your call is picked, and this can be explained as a result of the high volume of calls the company receives. Basically, when you make a call you are put on the queue until your turn to speak with the support team comes. It does not require a long wait though, but you should only make the call when you are sure you have no other urgent issues to attend to.

Users go online to express their issues, but this is a process that cannot be relied on solely. The support team of the company rarely gets the time to work on complaints and inquiries submitted to their email or through the online chat system. This is obviously expected from a company that received millions of users to their system and most of these want to be attended to by support representatives.

They have a lot of work, which includes checking the constant traffic and ensuring all parts of the system are functional and efficient to cater for the needs of the millions of players who log in every day. With these tasks ahead of them, you will rarely see replies to complaints posted online, so the best alternative is calling the EA Sports contact number.

Updating EA Sports payment details
Due to security concerns, the payment system of EA Sports is guarded using strong software and users have to go through serious authentication before they are allowed to alter their payment details. If you want your payment details updated, you should call EA Sports customer services team to have the process handled. This is the easiest solution, otherwise you might have to wait for a longer period to have the issues worked on.

Asking about new offers through EA Sports phone number
Software updates are made quite often and new releases are not made public until the company gets the full assurance the system is ready for the changes. Contacting EA Sports allows you to get these software releases before they are sent to the market. You will get a chance to interact with new and more powerful tools before other members get wind of the changes that the company has introduced. This can also win you affordable deals you will appreciate throughout the journey of enjoying various games offered by the company.

Most importantly, there is a special Origin subscription system that allows you to access new offers and at cheaper rates. Through the platform, you are able to choose new games and talk to support to know the kinds of changes to expect in subsequent releases. Calling to get this information also allows you to learn about new secrets that are yet to come out, so once the games are released you will have all information needed to enjoy the experience. Therefore, having an EA sports contact number is a perfect ideal that not only allows you to learn more about different games, but also offers you a chance to express your frustration.

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EA Sports UK Head Office address

EA Sports
Unit Parkmore West
Parkmore Business Park
County Galway

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